What if ... Mauritius was governmentless?

  What if Mauritius was free from a governing body ? How long would it take for us to thrive or crash ? It certainly does not need to happen for us to be uncertain about the outcome. It would be a dream for many among us, Mauritian people, to be free from any jurisdiction. We could finally achieve most of our dreams that we could not otherwise due to limitations by the law, maybe smoke weed in public, drive at speeds that flirt with death or just make someone we do not appreciate at all disappear so suddenly  from existence. We could do whatever we want as soon as we wake up, well if we do want to wake up, and the rest of our day would only be a string of choices that are uninfluenced by anything else except our own sheer will. It sounds like an incredible offer no one would want to miss out on, but the bad side of things arises when instead of only one individual, the whole 1.2 million population of Mauritius wake up and decide to do just and only what their minds and bodies feel like
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